Only $39,JJRC H37 FPV RC Quadcopter in hobbyant!!

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Only $39,JJRC H37 FPV RC Quadcopter in hobbyant!!

Сообщение hobbyant » 14 апр 2017, 13:58

JJRC H37 wifi remote frequency,4CH channel,6 aixs gyro,0.3MP wifi camera,480P video resolution,control distance about 40m,1S 3.7V 500mAh 25C Li-po quacopter battery,flying time about 7mins,charger time about 12mins.
JJRC H37 this product is a foldable pocket-type unmanned aerial vehicles, such as smart phones, can carry, compact and lightweight, high-definition camera configuration, self-timer more clear, breakthrough remote control technology, no need to identify the direction of the use of advanced barometer to achieve suspension, Stable flight, easy aerial photography.
New folding technology, put away the shaft only slap size, can be connected through the mobile phone WIFI, mobile phone control faster to get started.
JJRC-H37_02.jpg (15.83 КБ) Просмотров: 335

JJRC-H37_01.jpg (15.11 КБ) Просмотров: 335
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